Weekly Wrap Up: Graphic Designers, this week is for you!

Graphic designers and print artists out there in our US community don’t often get to create much for us on the Zooppa US site, and by golly we need to change that!  And so, without further ado, I present to you 3, count ’em, THREE print contests!

First up: Budweiser! In order to read the full brief you have to be over 21, so the only thing I’ll reveal here is that there’s $10,000 in prizes up for grabs for the person who creates an epic image for the King of Beers!  Click here to read the full brief. Going hand in hand with the Budweiser campaign is a print competition for the #1 beer in the world, Bud Light. Another $10,000 is at stake for this competition. Create a print that is humorous, spontaneous, and sociable. We can’t wait to see what all our terrific graphic designers and print artists come up with. Click here to read the full brief. Budweiser and Bud Light contests are only open to US residents age 21+. 

Also, don’t forget that coming soon is our Degree Do:More campaign. The details are still being finalized, but it’s another great chance to show off your design chops and win some of the $5000 prize pool. Click here to check on the Degree Do:More brief page.

Also on the contest launch front, we have our third campaign from Siemens with $40,000 in prizes! This contest’s theme is Urban Ideas.  Help Siemens find unique ideas, and show how an innovative product can help us conquer the daily challenges of urban life, while maintaining a strong focus on the personal experiences of one individual. You’ve wowed us in the last two Siemens campaigns about sustainability in cities, and then your action items on how to make the whole world a better place.  We look forward to being astounded once again with your human stories about Urban Ideas.  Click here to read the brief!

And finally, we even announced some awards this week for the Ebay Show & Tell competition! Check out the talented and engaging filmmakers who brought you product reviews like no other. Click here to see the awards, and give a hearty congrats to the filmmakers!

Have a terrific weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to any Dads out there.  I hope your kids get you something that’s red!

Meme E

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