Weekly Wrap-Up: Love Gamble

Lets talk about two super exciting campaigns that launched this week! One involves taking risks for fat stacks of cash, and the other is more a gamble on love…ahh, yes the dating world!

The California Lottery launched their “California Dreamin” campaign this week to promote Powerball coming to California. Yes, if you are an 18+ California resident you can compete in this fabulous and ridiculously fun contest. We are stoked to see your creative rendition of the song “California Dreamin”, which will act as an inspiration to make the biggest of dreams become a reality. Whether your desire is to pay off a previous shopping addiction, or perhaps start a new one, it is all possible with Powerball in Californ-I-A!

And with V-day right around the corner, how appropriate is this upcoming competition! If you’re a single lady without a ring on it, or an un-wed gent, then you have come to right place.

Are You Interested is one of the largest social dating mobile applications where you can connect with thousands of singles in seconds, making finding fish a cinch! We are looking for clever and stimulating videos showcasing a humorous dating situation. Check out the Dating 101: All The Right Moves brief for more snazzy specs, and if you are still searching for a Valentine, check out the app ASAP because Mr. or Ms. Perfect could be yours with a few convenient taps of a finger.

Money and Love, both crazy, emotive topics to explore for film! We are already anxious to see what our talented pool of contestants create!

Happy Happy Friday Friends and Followers!

Meme E

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