Weekly Wrap-Up: Sayonara Zoopstas!

Some of my favorite TGIF’s are: This Grandma is Foxy, The Gifted In Fremont, Thank God I’m Fresh, That Girl is Fat, That Girl Is Funny, That Guy Is Fresh, Thank God I’m Finished, Ahhh… Thank God It’s Friday! So loyal readers, it is true. It is Friday. And, I am finished. Yes, it is my last day here at Zooppa, and I must say that I will miss the fun crew and office vibe around here. Luckily, I am only moving a few blocks down the street, so I will likely pop in from time to time! But enough about me…

This is what happened this week! Our “Contiki: Your Story Goes Here” contest wrapped up on Monday, April Fools Day, and it was no joke. We received fab entries ranging from ukelele jingles (including snapshots of Pike Place yay!), kayaking rapids, creepy dogs, and plenty of adventurous trips that tell a story. Thanks to all who participated. Now, we are all deeply craving vacations to create memories of our own!

The “Real Challenge, Real Difference” awards were announced, and the three top videos will make you crave some buttery goodness like nothing else! Take a watch, and get your baker’s cap ready for after, because you’re going to need it!

Hey! Have you kids voted yet? Best of Zooppa votes need to be in by April 15th, so that leaves ten days and counting to make your opinion known: go vote!

What other funky happenin’s are going on around here? Ellen & eBay are rockin’. What does that even mean? For your chance at publicity on national television and $10,000 for numero uno, submit your fab footage for the “Celebrate Ellen” contest by May 3rd! How can you not, when Ellen is one of the most beloved shows on television, and her fan following is so huge it is incomprehensible? And if that isn’t enough to tickle your toes, the “eBay:Show and Tell” contest is super unique and exciting because there are multiple assignments in one contest, all with prize money on the table. And yes, you can win multiple awards! Be sure to dive back into your grade-school “show and tell” years to spark creativity and winning innovative ideas!

Happy weekend, Zooppers!

Meme E

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