Welcome GotCast!

Do you dream of walking down the red carpet with hundreds of flashing lights all focused on you? But how does one get started on the road to stardom, you ask? Well signing up for GotCast is a great start!

Zooppa is proud to announce our newest partnership with GotCast-GotCast.com is Hollywood’s largest interactive community for entertainment executives, talent, and fans. Casting directors have cast over 12,000 projects on GotCast helping members to secure thousands of roles in TV and film. With nearly half a million members around the country, GotCast is the premiere destination for auditions, casting calls, and networking within the Hollywood community.

GotCast is founded on the mission to give everyone a shot at being famous by allowing its members to get in front of some of the top casting directors and agents in the ‘biz without having to pack up and move into a 200 square foot, cockroach-infested basement in Hollywood or the Big Apple!

Check out GotCast.com, sign up, and start auditioning! Break a leg…and remember us little guys when you are sipping Mai Tais by your infinity pool in Malibu!


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