Welcome to our newest partner, The Montana Film Office!


Zooppa is very excited to welcome our newest partner, The Montana Film Office, and wanted to invite our community to participate in a competition they are holding called, “Pitch the 406”.

It’s not hard to get inspired by Montana’s one-of-a-kind locations—towering peaks, rolling plains and authentic Western communities; $20,000 might just be the boost a project needs to go from vision to reality. Montana Film Office’s recently launched contest, “Pitch the 406,” is giving away $20,000 worth of production equipment, lighting and crew services to a filmmaker to get his or her movie made in Montana. “This is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers, who have the inspiration they need to shoot a movie in Montana,” said Montana Film Commissioner Sten Iversen. “All they need is the extra funding to make it happen.”

In Montana, $20,000 worth of production equipment and labor can go a long way. The rent-free equipment and services package offered through Filmlites Montana in Bozeman will be customized to the needs of the winner’s film—from grip trucks, cranes and lighting to experienced crew, who have worked on the sets of “My Sister’s Keeper” and “A River Runs Through It,” among many others.

Entering is easy. Contestants simply submit a three-minute video pitch at http://scout406.com, explaining why Montana is the ideal location for their movies. It can be a trailer, scene test or a person pitching from his or her couch. Entries may be for any style or genre of film, i.e. documentary, narrative fiction, TV pilot, music video.

Filmmakers have until November 30, 2011, to submit their video pitches for the “Pitch the 406” contest. The winner will be announced the week of January 1, 2012. Watch the contest trailer, “Pitch the 406,” and visit http://scout406.com to find more information on submitting entries, the judges and the prize package.

For more information on the Montana film industry, locations, resources, crews and support services, and the Studio 406 Incentive Package, visit the Montana Film Office at: http://www.montanafilm.com.

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