Let’s give a warm welcome, Dear Zooppers, to the new entry of the moment: drums roll and trumpets blare, the new Big Zooppa has just arrived!

We thank the great actor who has followed us till now and decided to leave the scene, but stay tuned! A new show is beginning now, where all is possible, with colors, humor and fancy.

Yes, we know it, they have the same tie, the same lacquered hair, but new Big Zooppa is some centimeters smaller. We could say, in the smallest flasks there are the best perfumes!

Don’t be afraid, Big Zooppa will be just fine, he decided to go outside the lights to dedicate himself to his first passion: mojito glasses in Copacabana beach!

The zooppa staff has chosen his worthy heir, after an accurate selection made by Big Zooppa in person. Didn’t you notice his glamour and his charming? We were not able to resist him so we decided to bring him out for the next contests and, (why not?) in the rest of the world.

Meme E

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