Who’s Your Dream Margarita Date?


We’re stoked about the current Ultimate Party Host video contest for the Margaritaville Cargo Mixed Drink Maker which offers $22,000 in prizes, including $5,000 just for an Early Entry Award!  It got us thinking: If you could have a margarita with anyone, who would it be and why?


Wil Merritt, Zooppa CEO

Margarita of Choice: Cheeseburger

Who He’d Invite: Jimmy Buffet. “Go with the obvious.”


Manny, Zooppa Community Manager

Margarita of Choice: Strawberry (“It has to be blended, not on the rocks!”)

Who He’d Invite: Neil Gaiman. “I’d ask him to stop writing children’s books.”


Julia, Operations Manager

Margarita of Choice: Strawberry

Who She’d Invite: Dante. “So I could heckle him about why he thought Heaven so boring.”


Josh, Product Manager and Website Wizard

Margarita of Choice: Mango

Who He’d Invite: Marlon Brando. “He’s the boss. I’d ask about life advice because I figure he knows everything.”


Mike, Marketing Guru

Margarita of Chocie: Regular, on the rocks.

Who He’d Invite: Ernest Hemingway. “Ideally, we’d arm wrestle to determine who pays the bill.”


Cleo, Campaign Intern

Margarita of Choice: “Plain Jane – with a salted rim”

Who She’d Invite: Neil Patrick Harris. “I’d be curious what relationship advice he’d give.”


Stephanie, Public Relations Intern

Margarita of Choice: Pomegranate

Who She’d Invite: Captain Kirk. (Cleo: “You mean William Shatner.” Stephanie: “No, the Captain Kirk.”)


A Zooppa staff member chat's up Cpt. Kirk


What about you, Zooppers?  Tell us in the comments below who your dream margarita date would be. 


The Ultimate Party Host video contest is now open for uploads via the Margaritaville Cargo Facebook Page! The deadline for the Early Entry Award is October 17.  Finel entry deadline is November 7th. Good luck!

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