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We’ve waited some days to give your mind a rest after Zooppa contest efforts. And now we want to pay you compliments, Zooppers: there has been a wide choice of creative and crazy ideas. Zooppa staff has appreciated so much the passion you have put on this contest, that has been special to you, but also to us. You have accepted positively our challenge setting up a lot of team works as for Tombini and No Zooppa campaign. Cappesante, Chimera, Francipi, Voilazooppa, Sqell, Teomando.
You have cooked up the best below-the-line strategies to promote Zooppa around the world, like Meconme, Cobecio, Gianky. You have even put literally yourselves on the ads: Chimera, Brisaride, Naty, Silviazero, TheSign, Vitopal, Voilazooppa, Cappesante, Teomando, Werther and the Mirkorispoli in his video ad, confirming our attitude that you represent Zooppa’s image.
Concepts have been creative too: Albert_einstein, Alexagnowar, Marika, Laura1976, Glicoad, Giankarl, Ladyshazna, Gli zii. And there have been also some fearless Zooppers who have improved themselves in the new kind of ad: radio ads. See Doctormovie,Chimera, Carotafilm, Neozoopper, Albert_einstein, Zebra01, Peri.
We’ve noticed that there are a lot of new entries and they have showed to be up to the senior members, like Cameramak, Eliusiei, Vitopal, Hem, Chv, besides Mirkorispoli, Werther, Zebra01 and Doctormovie. The list would be surely longer, and a post isn’t enough to describe you all and your works! In this way Werther’s video would be a sort of memory for all Zooppers. We hope you would like it as we liked it.
Thanks to all Zooppers.

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