Zooppa conquering Brazil

Dear Zooppers, after involving you many times about the first steps Zooppa took overseas, we care to share with you the fantastic trip we made among Brazilian universities to show our project. We went to meet the Brazilian community directly in main universities of the country, because we strongly think these are, just like in Italy, one of the fertile and living from which Zooppa can reach new resources.


From Centro Paula Souza and Unoeste university, from the countryside of Sao Paulo, to Cascavel’s FAG, up to Unibrasil and Positivo in Curitiba, capital of the province of Parana, with almost 2 millions of inhabitants, Cesar, our italo-brazilian community manager, traveled in his homeland to meet as many people as possible and came back enthusiastic about this experience, even more trustful in Zooppa’s strength and its possibilities in Brazil. The presentations/lectures have had a numerous and much interested audience: pictures, recordings and many questions have been made. And above all the audience laughed and thrilled watching your works, because Zooppa brought to Brazil also the outcome of your engagement. If Zooppa arrived overseas the merit is also yours, who gave life to an original community, able to conquer everybody, not only students, but also agencies and companies of Brazil. We make available to you some links to testify this fantastic tour. Ok, we don’t know Portuguese neither, but the pictures and the presence of so many reviews on brazilian blogs and websites makes us proud!

  • UNIBRASIL – blog of the university Unibrasil of Curitiba (Paranà)
  • UNOESTE – website of the university Unoeste of Presidente Prudente (Sao Paulo)
  • UNDERGROUND MACHINE! – blog of the students of the university Unoeste of Presidente Prudente (Sao Paulo)
  • FAGULHAS – blog of the course of social communication of the university FAG of Cascavel (Paranà)
  • FUNDAÇÃO ASSIS GURGACZ – website of the university FAG of Cascavel (Paranà)

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