I think Nike’s ad is fabulous. Yah, not bad, but go see this one for Coca Cola, it’s amazing. Look, it’s just a matter of creativity. It’s all. No, it’s not like you’re saying: have you never heard of media centers? Loyalty marketing strategies? Yes, but I think the brand Negroni shouldn’t be interpreted in vintage style. But how can I make that effect with Photoshop? Hey, tomorrow Kessels, the one who made Diesel’s ad, comes to new York to make a lecture, and you, how about being there?

english forum

Discussions about worldwide advertising.  Creative philosophies face to face.  creative a confronto. Diatribes abut possible interpretations of the briefs. Notices and reports about special events dates. And obviously Zooppa: to be or not to be? Well, ciccio bros,

Zooppa Forum is born!
A great place to confrontations, exchanges, friendship, knowledge, and why not, also chatting. About everything regarding advertising, creativity, and of course Zooppa. All depends on your creativity and sharing. Well, now it’s up to you.
P.S. And please: don’t do like in some parties, where no one wants to take the first canapé.

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