Zooppa is Hiring!

Hey Zooppers,

We’re currently looking for a community member that can help us reach out and expand our partner network. This is a part time position. We want a Zoopper for this position because we feel that you guys have a unique and fresh perspective on what Zooppa is and what it does for filmmakers. Knowing the benefits of participating and being active on Zooppa is a huge plus.

You’ll be doing 3 things

1. Coordinate the current partner network.
2. Expand our partner network.
3. Develop strategies for obtaining new partners and engaging current partners

This is a part time position. Since we have Zooppers from all over the United States this is a position in which you can wok from home!

Qualifications and Experience:

• Demonstrated success in developing and managing project, program and/or strategic relationship plan.
• Excellent communicator, relationship builder and collaborator.
• Creative thinker, assertive initiative driver and detailed implementer.
• Familiarity with filmmaking is a huge plus!

So drop us a line at job.usa@zooppa.com, give us your resume and let us know why you’d be a great candidate for the job. Great candidates will get a phone call from us to discuss the position and compensation.

Take it easy,

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