Zooppa Member of the Week! Zach Daulton, you “Got Milk”?!

Meet our newest community member of the week! A Southern Ohio gentlemen who arrived at his passion for film making in high school! Zach is a colorful filmaker who has the ability to use music in multiple different ways (as you will see when you watch his “Got Milk” contest video). So perhaps you should grab a glass of the freshest milk you can find, mabye an Oreo or two, and learn more about Zach!

Tell us a little about yourself? 
“I was born and raised in Southern Ohio where I still live. I freelance video production and motion graphics full time. I got interested in video production from taking classes at my high school and haven’t stopped doing it since. I spend a lot of my time at Sugartree Ministries, a soup kitchen and street ministry in my hometown, where they let me keep all my gear and have a studio space”.
What are your experiences with film making? 
 “After taking video classes in high school, I went on to get my associates degree in video production at The Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati. Since then I have been freelancing for different companies, agencies, and participating in crowd sourcing sites like Zooppa! I’ve produced an ad for Bounty that was shown at the Cannes International Film Festival for advertising, as well as a spot for Stauffer’s Animal Crackers that was shown in rotation on a jumbo-tron in Times Square. I’ve also been a camera op on an independent film, directed a music video featured on YouTube, and just finished motion graphics for a documentary called “I’m Fine, Thanks.”
What is your favorite film or video project ever??
“I would have to say my favorite project so far was the one I just finished for the documentary “I’m Fine, Thanks.” I got to work with such fun and great people out in Sunnyvale, CA. I was there for two weeks doing all the titling and motion graphics for the film. We worked incredibly long and tiring days (19 hours one day!), but it was such a good experience for me. The weather was perfect out in Sunnyvale and they catered food everyday, who could complain about that”?
Now for the best question, what is your favorite Zooppa submission?

“My favorite Zooppa submission has to be my “Got Milk” video hands down. It was the first time I was able to create music with natural sounds (with the help from a good friend). I’ve always wanted to make a video like that and I finally got the chance. I was very proud of it even though it wasn’t picked for the top prize”.

Any tricks or tips?!?
“Focus on the the idea and story. Don’t think that a nice camera or good production value will guarantee you a win. Honestly, most brands can’t even tell the difference! Take your time and make something super clean and not thrown together. And as always with these things, try not to get your hopes up too high because sometimes brands pick things that will leave you scratching your head”.
To see more of Zach’s work, head to his website, or check out his profile here on Zooppa.
Head to the Zooppa contest page if you have an inkling to start creating your own films and watch for our newest competitions!

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