Zooppa on the 48 Hour Film Project Video Contest (Seattle)

Hey Zooppers!

Two staffers on Zooppa recently participated and won an award in the 48 Hour Film Project Seattle. The team was led by Julia our newest addition here in the Seattle headquarters. Yours truly directed and helped edit.

The 48 Hour Film Project is a comeptition where you are given only 2 days to make a 4-7 minute short. To ensure that your movie really took 2 days, they give you a prop, line of dialogue and character the night you start conceptualizing your project. You also have to pick out your genre from a hat!

This year we drew the dreaded Western genre. That one is difficult because you need to wrangle costumes and get the proper locations.

We also received an award last night! We got “Best Use of Prop” for our paint can appearance!

I wrote a blog about our experience on the 48 Hour Film Project site.

And without further ado, our movie:
Character: Stephen or Stephanie Dufour, Wedding Planner
Prop: paint can
Line of Dialogue: “When are you going to get it together?”

Take it easy,

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