Zooppa Project: Tell Us What You’ve Got!

Pitch your treatment to Zooppa!

After such an amazing response to Zooppa’s Show Us What You’ve Got project, we thought we’d keep the momentum going. Our goal is to encourage our community to be more involved with Zooppa’s growth—we’re in the process of developing new services for our clients, which means more opportunities for our creatives!

As a refresher on Show Us What You’ve Got, we asked fellow filmmakers to upload any of their video work they’ve created to show us their chops and to be considered for future, freelance work. As a result, 281 submissions were uploaded—we were blown away! This gave us the chance to review filmmakers that we hadn’t seen for a while as well as learn of new creatives that are seasoned pros. As Zooppa’s seen more and more requests for private, off-site projects from our clients, this helped us get a sense of interest and feasibility.

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Fast forward to our current projects, Tell Us What You’ve Got is a way for us to learn about what type of brands and videos filmmakers are interested in working on. Zooppa has selected 3 topics that are popular categories: consumer goods, food, and tourism. We’re asking for creatives to select one or more categories and create their dream treatment with their dream brand.

We’re hoping to receive insights on what types of videos filmmakers enjoy making or what brands are particularly popular. This will help our sales team go out there and reach out to the brands our communtiy is interested in. If we come across some stellar treatments, we’ll reach out to the creatives directly and ask for permission to present their idea to our clients for potential work. Creators will retain copyright of their work—we’re not taking ownership of your treatments! We want to get our community directly involved with potential clients and future work—a win, win.

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