Zooppa Video behind the scenes: Brad Paisley!

Hi Zooppa creatives!

We’ve had some great submissions for the Brad Paisley competition at Zooppa, but it would be wonderful to see even more.

Get out your cameras, grab your friends and make an incredible video…show us your American Saturday Night!

To enter your video click here.

A little behind the scenes:
I shot this using an old Sony TRV-240. (I’m a big fan of using bad equipment, as you can see by my lo-fi, hi-style blog. I think it sometimes helps you focus on what you are shooting, not what you are shooting with.)

For the movie talent, I recruited two interns at Zooppa to join me down at the waterfront near the office.  After hearing the lyrics a few times I knew that I wanted to show an American Saturday Night as a little story, not even necessarily following the lyrics.

As we walked around the waterfront we found lots of cool locations to shoot including an indoor arcade with merry-go-round, and a pier that had an amazing view of the ferry boat lanes in the Puget Sound.

After shooting just the scenes I needed (I always try to undershoot as much as possible to avoid unnecessary editing) I put it all down in Final Cut Pro, added the Brad Paisley sound clip, and then graded the whole project with Magic Bullet Looks.

I think from beginning to end it took about 4 hours :)

I love knowing how a video is made so I hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes.


Meme E

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