Zooppa Weekly Digest – October 14


Welcome to the Weekly Digest, a much more cheerful TGIF line up than the #depressingsitcoms trend on Twitter. Every Friday we’ve started posting all of your Zooppa updates in one place – important upcoming dates, recent contests launches, winner’s announcements and more!


ZooppaUSA’s Facebook Page passes 2,000 Fans!

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Upcoming Dates:

October 17 – Margaritaville Cargo Early Entry Deadline

The Ultimate Party Host Video Contest is the second contest we’re hosting through the Zooppa Facebook App.  Go here on Margartiaville’s Facebook Page to read the brief and submit your entry (must have a Facebook account).  The Margartiaville Cargo Mixed Drink Maker makes it easy to throw a crazy awesome beach bash. Upload your version of the “Ultimate Party Host” by October 17 and have a chance to win $5,000 Early Entry Award!  The final deadline for submission is November 7.

October 26 – Asus and Intel’s “In Search fo the Incredible” Deadline

You still have a chance to have your work featured at Sundance before the deadline closes for good on October 26th.  Remember, winners of the Zooppa video competition will be eligible to win the incredible global prize – having their story produced and screened at the Sundance Film Festival. One special winner from each country will also win a ASUS N55 Laptop.

November 7 – “If Only They Had a FoodSaver” Entry Deadline

Have you ever gone back to Monday’s leftovers and found a new civilization growing in your fridge? Save your dinner with a FoodSaver! Create a commercial with this vacuum sealed food preserver for a chance to win $1,500. Read the brief here.

November 18 – Betfair is looking for a Few Good Brits

Don’t you love proving your right and taking your friend’s money? What about a perfect stranger’s cash? Check out this sports betting video contest and grab a piece of the $15,000 pie. Deadline is November 18.

Winners Announcements:

Sharing winners for MegaPath’s Tech Talk Video Contest

We’ve only announced two winners because we’re still waiting to hear back from the third, so check your inboxes.  In the meantime, head on over to MegaPath’s video contest website to find out if you’re a winner!  Thanks to all who shared the contest and videos.

Stay tuned! We’re this close to announcing our MatchingDonors.com and “In Search of Incredible” Early Entry winners and expect to announce winners for MegaPathAmazonWirelessDanone, and Siemens next week!


Now stop starring at your computer screen and go do something fun!

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