Zooppa Weekly Wrap Up: Coming and Going

Hello Zooppers! It’s Friday again, yay! Time to check out what’s happening this week at Zooppa!

First, the early entry for “Dating 101: All the Moves” contest ended today at 4:00 pm EST, and what a terrific bunch of submissions. Good luck to all you early birds! The final deadline is March 21, 2013 4pm PST. Enter to win up to $21,500 in award! If you have not submitted your videos, share your most awkward/funny/embarrassing/horrifying dating experiences with us!

Another contest ending soon is the “One Thing We Agree On”, which closes next Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 4pm PST. So far we’ve got quite a few great entries, keep up the good work Zooppers! Awards totaling $20,000 are waiting for you!

The contest “Contiki: Your Story Goes Here” is alive on Zooppa! If you are a traveler, an explorer, or a conqueror, this is for you! Create an up to two-minute video to share your story. The deadline is on March 18, 2013 4pm PST.

Finally, today is our Operations Manager Andrew’s last day at work at Zooppa. Andrew has shared great times and laughs with us in the past year. He left a farewell message to all the Zooppers out there:

“As my last farewell, I would like to thank the film community for teaching me to truly appreciate what makes a good video.When I first started here, I lived in a world of mindless YouTube videos that had no real artistic value. I no longer live in that world. I quickly learned that quality work takes incredible amounts of time, research, and thought. There are so many of you in our community that are dedicated to making something really great come together. Maybe your film won’t go viral and maybe it won’t even win a prize. However, let it be known that there are appreciative sets of eyes out there and one of those sets is mine.”

Andrew, thank you for the time and the awesome experience you shared with us. Goodbye and good luck buddy!

Have a great weekend, Zooppers!

Meme E

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