Zooppa Weekly Wrap Up: Is the Magic Over?

This week, voting drew to a close for our two magical contests, “D&D Next Playtest“, and “Harry Potter™ for Kinect™: A WB Games Original Musical Score Contest” and it was a close race for both. Stayed tuned in the weeks to come for award announcements for the voting prizes as well as the client award winners. I don’t know about you, but I still can’t get enough magic, so I’m off to watch all eight Harry Potter movies back to back while playing a marathon game of D&D with my friends. The magic will continue!

Wrap-Ups make me hungry.

Bookrenter announced their video and photo winners this week. And what an array of talent on display! Animation, live-action, education, humor, and heartwarming tales of romance. Check out the winners here, and then if you still have time, head to the contest entries page to browse through the countless other quality submissions that there just weren’t enough awards for.

Have a terrific weekend, all, and stay tuned in the weeks to come for more contest announcements and Zooppa fun! Looking for something to do this weekend? Have you made a mascot for us yet?

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