Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: Losing, Profiling, and Peacing out!

It’s Friday!! (And no, this hyperlink does not take you to a Rebecca Black video…I promise. No really, I do!)

Anyway, here at the Zooppa lair, we are getting ready to film the loser’s speech for our Survivor pool. Of course, in the two weeks we’ve done this, Adam is already out with his two picks. Both Russell and Dawson are out. So get ready to see an incredible video where Adam proclaims that we are all better than him, etc, etc.  (We still love you Adam…)

We’re also buckling down on the PEMCO Northwest Profile Contest. Next Thursday, October 25th, is the last day. Get those submissions in!

Finally, we want to wish Josh Barnes success with his new venture at Microsoft. Josh was a former Zooppa Community Manager and became the Senior Product Manager before his last day on Wednesday. Good luck at Microsoft Josh!

Have a great weekend Zooppers!

Meme E

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