Zooppa Weekly Wrap-Up: We Told You It Was Big News!

The secret from last Friday’s Weekly Wrap-Up is out! We’ve launched a new contest. The “Chevron: AIDS is Going to Lose Video Contest” started this week, and we are thrilled to be a part of this good cause. Not only is it a terrific opportunity to make a film that could inspire people and make the world a better place, but it’s also the biggest prize pool that Zooppa has ever had, with $100,000 at stake, including the $40,000 top prize. Read the brief page for all the details.

We are very excited for our wonderful Zooppa community to start submitting content to this contest. Based on what we’ve seen in the past, our community is is the place to be for films that are compelling, optimistic, and stunning in their production value.

Come next week, we’ll have even more news to share with you!  In the meantime, it’s Labor Day weekend here, so it’s three days off here for our US folks. Lots of time to sit in the sun and conceive your first place video contest idea.

Happy Zoopping everybody!

Meme E

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