Zooppa will be at the Festival of Creativity

Dear Zooppers,

As we already announced with the launch of a contest, Zooppa will be participating in one of the kinds of events that creative types like you can’t miss out on. We’re talking about the Festival della Creatività, or Festival of Creativity, which will be held in Florence at the Fortezza da Basso from October 23 to 26, bringing together a series of events and exhibition booths as well as artistic and musical performances in celebration of creativity in its most unbridled, innovative, and enthralling forms.

Zooppa had to be a part of this, so we have put together a stand for the occasion in total “Zooppa style”: 25 square meters of fun designed to bring the user-generated advertising model to life off-line. Don’t expect anything traditional; in our booth you will become admen for a day, trying to compete with body copy for payoffs and living the direct experience of the vote and the victory, just as you would participating in one of our online contests. All of this will, of course, be happening under the guidance of Zooppa’s very own staff, who are ready to reward your efforts with tons of cool Zooppa.com gadgets!

What better excuse could there be for traveling to meet the Zooppa team in person than a stimulating and dynamic contest like this one? Zooppers, we are hoping to see a lot of you come out, ready to hold high the banner of “made in Zooppa” creativity!

Meme E