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Do you ever feel like your Zooppa work would be perfect if only they had that little extra something? Ever have a great idea for an ad that you just don’t have the tools to realize? Well, listen… It happens to everyone sometimes. That’s why we put together this collection of links.

Here, you’ll find some educational materials and free editing tools to help you get your concepts off the ground, and lots of copyright free music and sound effects to help you put those finishing touches on your videos.

Copyright Rules

It’s especially important that none of your Zooppa ads contain any copyrighted material. Below are resources for inexpensive/free content. However, it’s important to note that just because content is free, doesn’t make it legal to use in a winning Zooppa submission.

In order to use a piece of music, an image, or video footage, you must have proper legal permission to use the content in a commercial venture. Please check your license terms very carefully. After all, if you submit, you are in fact transferring copyright of your content to the client.

Online Creative Resources List

Filmmaking Tools and Training:

Find Composers for Original Music: 

Free Stock Image Resource:

  •  IM Free is a free resource where you can search for imagery by category or specific keyword.

Stock Music resources

Photos and Graphic Design Training resources:

Notes on Copyright:

  • Music in your submissions must be original or must be accompanied with a license to use commercially, without restrictions or additional fees
  • Any stock video footage or imagery must also have licenses (note: some contests do not allow use of stock materials so be sure to check the brief first)
  • Take a look at to learn about Creative Commons licensing (many times attribution is required)
  • For any materials used in your submissions that come from the web, please send direct links!

Did we miss a good resource? Let us know at [email protected].

Now get out there and start creating!


  1. Just wondering – I’m using royalty free music that comes with most MAC computers. How do I indicate this on my video submission – seeing as there is no standard licensing agreement form for this sort of thing?

  2. Upload a word Doc or PDF with song titles and license terms of where you got them.

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