Weekly Wrap Up: A Trip to Italy!

Ciao, everybody! Guess where half the Zooppa team went this week?! ITALY! Back to our roots where the company was founded back in 2007. We went to one of the most romantic countries on earth Italy! At H-Farm, we were surrounded by abundance of spagetti, risotto, pizzas and cocktails, and most of all, ideas! Our goal is to make the Zooppa site the best it can be, and sometimes its good to check in with your roots, to make sure what you’re growing has a solid base.

Our eBay contest is ending in less then one month. We are looking for experts in the fields of used cars, xbox, bridesmaid dresses, maternity clothes, jewelry, refrigerator, laptop, motorcycle, patio furniture and mattress to help us. All you experts have to do is do what you’ve been doing everyday – talk about the products you love the most!  Put that into a video form and voila! You could take some of the $20,000 in prize money home! Be sure to check out the Q&A session on our blog to find out what to do and what not to do, and watch the video brief for a little more information.

Have a great weekend Zooppers!


Meme E

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