Successful LA Filmmakers’ Meet Up!

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Happy Thursday Zooppers,


A week ago, we hosted our very first meet up in the town where we knew there was a strong presence of talent…Los Angeles!


I met so many new faces as well as those who’ve I’ve had many email exchanges with in the past. It was great to let people behind the curtain a bit and learn more about Zooppa and the awesome contests we have in store this year.


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Having the Matrixx speaker there to discuss their Zest contest and a frequent winner that you may know as happyjoel, was definitely a hit.


Here’s to hoping for more succesful meet ups in the future and thank you so much for helping make it such a wild success!




P.S., SUPER thankful to those that filled out a survey and I hope everyone enjoyed their Zooppa tee/Zest products!

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