Apple’s Giant Ad Spend on Their Practically Magic Campaigns

Apple dedicates 62% of its total broadcast budget of $12.6M towards seven of their new ads.

Apple launched their most recent commercial, “Barbers” as part of their “Practically Magic” campaign that shows off the portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. The ad shows a barbershop using portrait mode to take pictures of quirky and unique hairstyles that eventually leads the barbershop to success.

Last week, Apple invested more on broadcast placement than any other advertiser, allocating a whopping ~$7.9 million to a series of seven new ads. Three of these spots are geared towards promoting the iPhone 7 Plus and includes “Barbers” as one of the three with the budget of $6.7 million in ad spend.

“In Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, you don’t just look good. You look fantastic.”

In the beginning of May, the company released their commercial, “The City”, which also shows the magic of the latest iPhone’s portrait mode. Everyone magically vanishes in the crowded city of Shanghai, creating a very romantic scene for this couple. Apple spent around $10 million dollars on the broadcast placement for this spot—more than any other advertiser on new creative.

Jasmine Moore


  1. That’s really interesting. I have IPhone 7 so can I use this features or only IPhone 7Plus users can use this feature?

  2. Hi Jaxon, it’s only built in for iPhone 7 Plus!

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