Watch Your Favorite Artists on Twitter’s New Live Video Feature

Twitter recently announced its latest development with Live Nation to stream concerts.

Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Source: Getty Images

The exclusive deal between Live Nation and Twitter started with Zac Brown’s concert on May 13. The second concert started streaming May 30th at 8:00 PM with the songwriting duo Marian Hill sponsored by T-Mobile.

There will be a reminder button for users to watch the live stream on the app itself.

Twitter has been betting on video, like all other social media platforms. This announcement to stream live video comes after a slew of partnerships with measurement companies, including Integral Ad Science and Moat. A spokesperson from Twitter has said, “as we continue to build out new live video experiences, we are experimenting with a few new features and working closely with brands to find the best opportunities for them to participate”.

Would you watch your favorite artists on live stream? Let us know in the comments below!


Jasmine Moore

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