2 New Contests on Zooppa!

Hey Zooppers!

We have 2 unique opportunities for you. We have 2 new contests with special conditions.

The first contest is Betfair. This is the world’s largest online betting community. Their deal is that they put your bet up against another live person. This is a huge deal in Europe and they’re looking for videos from us!

$15,000 in Awards
Ends: 11/18/11

Rules are simple:
1. 60 – 90 seconds.
2. You can’t show any other logos (as is the case with all Zooppa contests).
3. You have to use people with British accents (don’t fake it).

If you’re worried about getting British accents, check out Fiverr.com. There are people that will do voice-overs there.

The second contest is Asus/Intel’s Search for Incredible.

It’s a different kind of contest. We’re looking for concepts only in the form of a video, storyboard, audio or text (200 words or less). The Grand Prize is getting your story made into a short film shown at Sundance. The top story from each of the following countries will receive an Asus computer. As an Early Entry Prize, one entry submitted by 10/5 from each of the following countries will receive a Molskine storyboard book.
These are the countries: Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

Special Prizes!
Early Entry: 10/5/11
Ends: 10/26/11

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