Congratulations to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts!

Congratulations to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts who was just ranked #1 on the Hollywood Reporters annual ranking of the “Top 25 Film Schools” in the world! It is no surprise that they claimed the top spot–boasting famous alumni as… Continue Reading


What the heck is MHL technology anyways?

Hey Zoopers, if you still are flumexed by the MHL contest, then check out this blog. It has everything you need to know about the technology in order to be successful for this contest.

What is MHL technology?

MHL, or Mobile High-Definition Link, is a new audiovisual standard taking hold in the marketplace that is expanding the capabilities of mobile devices to integrate with high-definition televisions and other displays. It is conceptually similar to the way digital signals have expanded the amount of information that can be compacted and displayed on television compared to analog. And the great news is: chances are pretty good that your smartphone and HDTV are already MHL-compliant. Continue Reading