Announcing Peggy!

A new women-lead initiative that aims to promote women in creative industries!

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Zooppa introduces “Peggy”, a new women-lead initiative that aims to promote women in creative industries!

Change starts small. It starts with each and every woman who has ever decided to stand up, to speak her truth, to defy expectations, and not to be afraid to ask for more. It is the sum of the millions of little actions by millions of incredible women, that when brought together, command the attention of the world. It starts with a Peggy.

Peggy is a force of nature. She is not one singular person, but rather the culmination millions of incredible women; those who fight for equality, question the status-quo, push boundaries, and rise up. Peggy is part: ????‍????Peggy Olson, ????‍????Peggy Guggenheim, ????‍⚖️Peggy Noonan, ????‍????Peggy Whitson, ????‍????Peggy Orenstein, and ????‍????Peggy Lee.

Peggy is our persona.

Peggy is our muse.

Peggy is you!

What is Peggy’s goal?

Peggy aims to support female-focused initiatives by engaging Zooppa’s community of creative women to produce relevant content that promotes their causes.

How will Peggy meet this goal?

We will form amazing partnerships with like minded individuals, organizations, or companies that want to:

  • Provide more jobs for female creatives
  • Produce creative content aimed at supporting women
  • Support female-driven pursuits with their creative needs

The future of creativity is inclusive, so let’s start building it now.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, as a woman, as a man, or as an ally who supports our goals, please head to https://peggy.zooppa.com/ to find out more! No group is too small, no mission is unimportant. We are all here to support one another.

Who tryin’ to run the world but aint getting the job? Girls (girls)
Who can help them get there – ever-y-bod-y

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