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Unleash your inner star with Loacker!

Karaoke tonight??

Are you the one who continually asks: “Who’s in for a Karaoke evening, usually causing this kind of reaction from the rest of the group?


If the above describes you or if your are lucky enough to share this passion with your friends then “RMX the Goodness” is the perfect project to show everyone your talent.

Loacker gives you the chance to shake off years of disinterest in your passion, and hundreds of evenings spent in bars dreaming of taking the microphone and singing.

Show us your skills in a performance worthy of the X-Factor finals. Show us that you are the one the judges should choose!

Participating is super easy!

Download the base music provided directly by Loacker, rethink the text of the jingle, turn on the camera, and let all your talent explode!

By doing this you will participate in the Karaoke category, within which Loacker is looking for user generated content. Just a short video, simple and spontaneous, the important thing is that it is fun and impactful. A real story-style selfie-video, ready to be shared on social media. 😉

Download the base music, feature a Loacker product, and unleash your proven creative skills!

But it does not end here!

If your musical skills are particularly strong and composition is your winning card, you can opt for the Rearrangement category. For the rearrangement  you can show your skills not by reinventing the text, but by rearranging the base music.

In short, you decide whether to let us experience your Loacker moment through singing or through playing an instrument, help us savor childhood memories and … have fun!

You just have to follow the score, the rest is up to you!

The total budget available is 14,500 € assigned to the 7 best videos received by the final deadline of November 7, 2018 (hours 15.00).

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