Zooppa Presents: Filmmaker Fridays

Zooppa Wants To See What You're Working On!



Since Zooppa started we have worked hard to build a large community of creative thinkers and doers that we are very proud of.

While we focus on providing project opportunities directly to you (over 500 so far!) and been able to see how you work – we’d love to get to know you even better.

Zooppa wants to give you the space to showcase not only who you are and what you’re working on but also the stories you want to tell.

We are doing this through a new series we’re calling: Filmmaker Fridays.

Each week on IGTV we will highlight one of our Community Members who is making cool sh*t.
We’re looking for Zooppa creators who are producing their own web series, short films, documentaries, passion projects, anything that inspires you!

If you’d like to be featured on Filmmaker Fridays, head to to submit!

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