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Is there anything better than a clean bathroom? Maybe a clean kitchen with fresh chocolate chip cookies, but those things take top billing for me!

See, I have a high mold sensitivity, it’s like my own personal superpower – anytime I walk into a mold infested place, I can smell it. That’s why Cleanz is so great, it literally stops mold in its tracks, before it can grow and feed on our body oils and kitchen goo.

The Cleanz New Project Launch has been live for two weeks now and some really great submissions have come in. We’ve learned a few things so far and we think they might help you out in curating your submission:

  1. Humor is important: Everyone likes funny content, and this client is no exception. They’re looking for witty and quirky submissions, with an element of shock or surprise, and should relate to millennial home-owning women.

  2. A PG-13 rating is imperative: Sashco, the makers of Cleanz, is a family owned business founded on Christian principles. As such, they’re only looking for PG-13 ideas. Fun/edgy humor is great, but no sexual innuendos please (caulk, it’s been done).

  3. Use your quick wit to come up with out-of-the-box storylines: If it’s the first thing to pop into your mind, chances are they’ve already thought of it as well. Explore your brain a little more to come up with something truly unique.

  4. Multiple submission can really be to your benefit: This can’t be said enough, the more pitches you submit, the better your chances of winning are. So many times we see one person win multiple awards, so why can’t that person be you?

There are just under two weeks left to submit to this amazing project, and while the product may not seem like the most thrilling, that just makes it more of an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Show us how you can really make Cleanz shine (pun intended).

Don’t forget, you must you the provided template to submit (available via the “Download Materials” button).

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