How we got the job done right with WD-40

Hey everyone, Dylan from Zooppa here and I gotta be honest.
I’m not what you would call a man’s man.
I don’t hang sheetrock or work on motorcycles or build dog houses.
I’m more the type to talk about the ethics of bee farming or the kind of guy to cry at bank commercials.
See, I’m the sort of fella who enjoys reading long, long interviews with John Waters. I’m okay with this. Can’t have one side without the other – Yin and Yang, baby!

Over the past 2 years I have had the opportunity to come a little closer to the other side. Getting to casually experience all of those tough things I have never done. Like working on cars, building in my workshop, riding a motorcycle. That’s 100% thanks to the projects we have run with our client WD-40.

I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand, just how people get their hands dirty (from the comfort of my ergonomic office chair). To date, Zooppa has run 3 projects with WD-40: 2 open and 1 private.
The first was all about Living Life Hands On. That open project received over 75 submissions from filmmakers all across the USA. It also resulted in me learning what exactly happens on a family farm. More importantly, the success of this project led to another open project for WD-40.

This time around, we wanted to focus in on all of the tradition of the WD-40 brand. As they said, “Tradition is always something close to our hearts, rooted deep in our values, and gets passed on from generation to generation.” This project did just that! In the end, WD-40 received 28 beautiful short pieces that touched on the passing on and evolution of using WD-40 Brand products over the generations, or from one generation to the next. And again, I got even close to my goal of actually working with my hands, or at least being inspired to.

After a couple of successes with Open Projects under their belts, this year WD-40 made the leap to a Zooppa Private Project. With this approach we involve members from our VIP community to pitch for the chance to produce content for clients. In this case, that VIP was Alex Goetz in Ohio who was tasked with the creation of 3 :15 spots that highlight the new Holiday Trio Pack for WD-40. One of the biggest asks from the client was that the spots be short, sweet, memorable and funny.

Throughout all 3 of these projects I have been able to see what it takes to live life hands on. Not just from the WD-40 perspective, but from that of our Zooppa community members who bust their a**es to create incredible pieces of content for clients all over the globe. I’m feeling inspired. I’m feeling ready. I might build a dresser from Ikea!

Are you feeling inspired too?
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