The 5 Facets of the Account Role

This post takes a dive into the diverse role of our Account Team. Don’t think of it as a guide, but rather an introspective look at Zooppa’s management process.

One of the most important and powerful pillars to Zooppa’s structure is the Account Manager (the other 2 pillars being tech and community). When we say Account Manager (AM), we mean the person or team that is responsible for day-to-day contact with the client and creatives. The reason this role is so important is because of the many skills they must possess to deal with a myriad of daily tasks.

How the AMt approaches each project can be completely different based off the size and personality of the brand/agency and the specifications of project. It takes a very versatile individual to take on this role, which is why we’ve narrowed down the 5 facets of the Zooppa Account Role.

1. Listen

Every project starts with simply listening to the client.

Although it may seem simple enough, it is essential that they understand the ins and outs of the client’s needs from the start.

It can be easy to get caught up in the other projects Zooppa is handling, so they must clear their minds and approach each project as its own.

2. Apply

After processing the information the client presented, the AM needs to apply all of this toward solutions. Zooppa offers a variety of solutions for clients so it’s important that we take the right approach to achieve the client’s goals.

Once the approach is defined, it’s equally important that they share every detail of this approach and possible outcomes. We believe in being transparent, so sharing the potential hurdles and roadblocks along the way will help the process go a lot smoother.

There are no perfect ideas, but we believe there are perfect solutions and ways to bring them to life.

3. Select

Each member of the Account Team at Zooppa has what we describe as a superpower, which is something account teams at traditional agencies don’t possess. Rather than simply access to a small team of creatives, the Zooppa team has access to the largest network of creative minds in the world.

The Zooppa community is made of thousands of professionals from all over the world, with tons of different skill sets that they must select from for the project. So while this provides an amazing advantage, it all provides a lot of stress.

This is the point of the process where they must take the learnings from steps 1 & 2, and use it to select the perfect creatives to achieve the best results for the client

4. Translate

The AM must be bilingual. We don’t mean the literal sense of the word, but they must know how to communicate both to the client and the creative community to keep everyone happy.

How they approach each type of person is obviously different. They must first articulate a professional conversation to find the goals of the project. Then communicate this so that it’s understable for the creative and we reach this goal successfully.

5. Adjust

Once the project begins, the AM must monitor all aspects of the project to make sure it’s going smoothly.

As we said, there are a number of potential hurdles throughout a project, so it’s their job make sure the proper adjustments are made to get around them smoothly. They must intervene quickly on all matters and come up with a solution so that we don’t miss a beat, while making sure both the client and creative are happy.


This is our attempt in condensing down the absurdly large amount of tasks, talents and challenges the AM deals with everyday. In short, the ability to absorb information carefully, then carefully articulate a program to yield a successful campaign should not be taken for granted.

It may not be easy, but when the job is done right, it makes Zooppa an invaluable asset for brands and agencies.

If you want to see more about our projects go visit our case studies page. 

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