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#Vivereallitaliana: a new project for a new story about Italy

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The possibility of rethinking a cliché does not happen often, almost never…

But with the new Video Project “Living the Italian Way… your own way, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, you can finally give a new cut to the story that is made about Italy.

With this project, the General Direction for the Promotion of the Country System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation aims to relaunch the “Vivere all’italiana” promotional campaign whose objective is the promotion of Italy abroad.

If you’re thinking, “What? I have never been to Italy! How can I show something that I don’t know?”
Well… You are wrong!

It’s your personal vision and interpretation that we are more interested in!

The request is clear: make a video (lasting between: 40 seconds to 2 minutes) to tell what the “Italian way” is for you.

The aim of the project is to show the “Italian way of life” with different voices and points of view, expressed by creatives from all over the world.

We want to stimulate the community to share their vision of “Italian way of life” to give value to diversity, and tell all the stories that come from Italy, Asia, South America or anywhere else.

No “pizza and mandolin” allowed for this project ????

For this project, videos can be short films, interviews or documentaries, with or without voiceover (subtitles required).
You can express yourself as you wish, the important thing is that you give a personal and original cut to your content.

What should be emphasized and what should be ignored? What are the sides of Italianness that you’d like to bring to light, which stories reflect your opinion, and which are instead the result of a distorted narrative?

You can start thinking about these questions. We are curious to see what your answers will be.

An overall budget of € 15,000 is available for this project, divided into 6 different awards.  Deadline: 12/02  26/02.

Will you be able to free us from the definition of “pizza and mandolin” and give new perspectives and interpretations to the story of #vivereallitaliana?

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