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“Why Non!”, more than a project.

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A different project, for those who are hungry for experiences

Zoopper we are proud to present you the “Why Non” Project, in collaboration with the Val di Non
Tourism Board
; a project that is different from all the others because it offers much more than
just a budget.
First of all, Val di Non is a valley, and it’s located in the north of Italy. “NON” in Italian means
NOT, so let’s start, to honor the name, by specifying what “Val di Non” is NOT:

  • It is not a tourist place
  • It is not a place that embraces mass hospitality
  • It is not an equal destination for everyone

As a result we can tell you what this Project won’t be:

  • It is not a tourist-themed contest
  • It is not a “classic” video project
  • It is absolutely not a contest like the others

So, what are we talking about then?
We are talking about a valley inhabited year round, that does not lend itself to mass tourism but
wants to maintain a familiar, genuine, and true climate. A valley that will not be the same for
everyone, which makes its inhabitants its added value.
In Val di Non you do not feel like a tourist, but rather a temporary inhabitant, a “temporary local”.
The idea is to tell one of the six stories available, stories of some inhabitants of the Valley
(locals) in a narrative and documentary style and through them, telling Val di Non. You will make
the tourists discover those who live in the valley, what they will find and how they will feel when
they arrive.

So the people, will be the protagonists

So the people, and the locals, will be the protagonists of this project, together with your style,
and your look that will be the filter that gives a voice to their stories.
You will stay in contact with them for a few days, to tell their story.

Yeah, you read it right.
How does it work?

[Here] you can find 6 stories that tell about six inhabitants of the valley. We want you to read it
and select the story that stimulates you the most. Once you have chosen, show us how you
would tell their story in a video, giving us as much details that help us choose you. Your
portfolio, for example, but also references ideas, and scripts.
This project is open to creatives from all over the world.

Among all the candidates, the client will select 6 filmmakers who will go meet the characters of
these stories and tell their stories through their personal point of view.
Filmmakers must be available for the time-periods indicated in the stories.
Food, accommodation and travel support will be guaranteed plus a participation fee of 2,500€
(for european creatives) or 3,500€ for extra-europe creatives.
A valley different from the others
A project that is different from all the others

Are you ready?

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