Filmmaker Fridays x Michael Ulmer

A couple weeks ago, (7 to be exact) we decided to start our Filmmaker Friday series! We wanted to showcase our amazing Community Members and all that they have done. They have worked hard to help create a large community of creative thinkers and doers that we are very proud of.

While we often focus on providing project opportunities directly to you (over 500 so far!) and been able to see how you work – we always want to get to know you even better.

We are doing this through a new series we’re calling: Filmmaker Fridays.

While for the past 7 weeks it has existed only on Instagram TV, we thought we would take it to where many of us creatives spend most of our time shying away from work… YouTube. And that is just what we’ve done! One of our first episodes from Season 1 of Filmmaker Fridays is now available in 16×9.

Get to know Michael Ulmer as he discusses his first submission to Zooppa, his coffee addiction, why you should READ THE BRIEF and his advice for new Community Members. Check out our channel and be on the lookout each Friday for a new episode. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more content every Friday!

As a reminder, each week on IGTV (and now Youtube) we will highlight one of our Community Members who is making cool sh*t.
We’re looking for Zooppa creators who are producing their own web series, short films, documentaries, passion projects, anything that inspires you!

If you’d like to be featured on Filmmaker Fridays, head to to submit!

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