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Living the Italian way… with our suggestions!

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Hey Zoopper,
We are here to tell you that the deadline for the project “Living the Italian way… your own way!” has been extended by 2 weeks: you will have until Tuesday, February 26th (3:00 pm, Italian time) to upload your video and tell us your point of view on the Italian way of living!

While we’ve got you, we also want to give you some important recommendations:

Look beyond the surface.
Living the Italian Way” is not just good food, art, or beautiful landscapes … there is much, much more! We’re tired of being depicted with stereotypes – go beyond the clichés and show us something that we have not seen yet!

Brief & rules matter!
In the Brief and in the Project Rules, you will find all the requirements to create suitable content for submission.
Before creating your project, make sure you have read all the provided information, especially related to the rights of third parties, whether they concern music tracks, faces, videos or images, piece of art, etc.. 
In order to be eligible for selection, it’s important that you provide the appropriate releases, licenses, and authorizations.

Timing is everything
The required documentation is available in the “Materials” section and must be uploaded simultaneously with the video, on the appropriate upload page. Fill in the documents beforehand and keep them ready when uploading your video.

Last… have fun! We can not wait to see your videos!
And if you have any doubts, you can contact us directly via email or forum

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