Zooppa Desk Dance Vol. 1

Hey Zooppa. Dylan here. I spend a lot of time at my desk.
It’s probably not the healthiest of choices (maybe I should get a standing desk? Or a hamster wheel?)
All that sitting can have a major impact on your mood. That’s why I have created SEVERAL working-at-my-desk playlists on Spotify to help get me through the day.

I’m excited to share my first volume of Zooppa Desk Dance songs.

These are tracks that keep me moving, motivated and mentally agile to manage all these projects that come across my virtual desk.

Within this playlist are songs ranging from punk anthems, power pop hits, Enterprise Making Tracks Alumn Kyle Thornton ( and oops… how did this get on there? A song made by me, Dylan Wise? That shouldn’t be there…

The playlist starts with what I can safely call, the Zooppa Anthem: Time to Dance.

Listen to it and try not to get hyped as hell. That song has been played several hundred times over the past year, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Oh also, some songs are NSFW. Sorry.

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