Zooppa Staff Pick Their Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

It’s that time of year again, tax season! Kidding, sort of…

Some of us watched the Super Bowl, most of us didn’t, but we all appreciated something. 

Zooppa Staff Member: Tyler, Community Manager

The Super Bowl comes and goes each year with a winner and loser. Stories will be told about gridiron glory for decades to come. I feel it’s only right to name my favorite commercial the one that encompasses this feeling of greatness. The NFL’s “The 100-Year Game,” directed by Peter Berg, encapsulates all of the past football greats in one room playing the game they love. Ending with a feature from Sam Gordon, from the Utah Girls Tackle Football League. It’s hard to keep track of all of the legends this game has created, but this commercial does a great job of giving all fans a little taste of the past & present.

Zooppa Staff Member: Emma, Project Manager

There are some things that are clearly great about this commercial:

  • It’s Serena Williams, duh. 
  • It’s inspirational.
  • It’s female power**.
  • It doesn’t feel too “commercialy”.
  • The age-old catch phrase “The ball is in your court”  seamlessly works.
  • A tennis court makes the perfect transition into a phone screen.

However, the reason why I chose this commercial as my favorite is the colors! When you watch the video, you’ll notice that in nearly every shot there is highlight of at least one Bumble’s colors: yellow, pink, and blue. Most notably, Bumble took an entire tennis arena and painted it their colors. It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s fun.

I know its not groundbreaking, or even hard to see. But, this video did a truly amazing job of branding itself “Bumble” without ever directly focusing on the brand until the last five seconds. In a lot of the projects we do, the client asks that the video be within the brand’s color palette. From now on, I’m using this video as an example. 

**If you like female empowerment or equality, check out our Peggy Initiative 😉 — my not so subtle plug-in. 

Zooppa Staff Member: Dylan, Supervising Producer

As a self professed sensitive boy, I’m not really into the football. For me, events like the Super Bowl are about 2 things and 2 things only: snacks and movie trailers.

Last year I spent ‘The Big Game’ with colleagues and watched as Netflix dropped a surprise trailer for Cloverfield Paradox  – an incredible marketing stunt for a less than stellar movie.

This year, my hopes were high for another Netflix stunner, but sometimes dreams are just dreams. We did however, get hit with a new :30 teaser for Avengers: Endgame! Sure, it’s a standard Marvel teaser, sure it uses that loud bang sound effect that all trailers use, sure it’s yet another superhero movie. But this trailer has one thing that we’ve never seen from a Marvel movie: white men brooding. JK. But it does have my dude, Paul Rudd suiting up again as Ant-Man, who is the best Avenger. Fight me about it.

Zooppa Staff Member: Joey, Director of Business Development

To me, the Hyundai spot with Jason Bateman was hands-down the best spot of the Super Bowl. First off, anything that has Bateman as the lead is going to be amazing. Our Lord and Savior JB aside, I thought the ad was super unique in using different floors of a hotel to represent various annoying things people have to experience each day (wait, a major company ripped on veganism in 2019?? #brave).

When it comes down to it, I watch Super Bowl commercials to laugh. I don’t know about you, but I don’t organize a party, throw a few drinks back and gorge on junk food, only to be torn down by some heart-wrenching spot that leaves the entire room second guessing the meaning of life. So bravo Hyundai for bringing me joy during a game that many found to be not so enjoyable. 

Zooppa CEO: Alessandro

“I like how they leveraged a classic and redress it to give it a new meaning.

(damn I’m so f***ing sophisticated)” – Alessandro Biggi CEO of Zooppa

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