Zooppa Desk Dance Vol. 2 : Z ’99

Oh hello, it’s Dylan from Zooppa.

I was just Marie Kondo-ing my Spotify and found this playlist under a pile of old clothes under my bed.
Dusted it off, plugged it in and was delighted to see that it still rocks.

In this edition of Zooppa Desk Dance, I imagine what it would be like if Zooppa were around in the year 1999.
So much happened that year; The Matrix, the Y2K bug, I celebrated my 12th birthday – and what a great year for music too!

So, take out your discman, crack open a Surge and enjoy a trip down memory lane with Zooppa Desk Dance Vol. 2: Z 1999.

You can check out Volume 1 of Zooppa Desk Dance here – and let me know what songs I missed.
I want this playlist to keep growing!

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