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The sweetest project of the 2018 ends up with dizzying results!

We received 174 submissions from 132 participants for the project “RMX The Goodness” hosted by Loacker on our platform. You sang, played and even danced from all over the world and your jingles have become earworms during the whole evaluation phase 🙂

But before the announcement, let’s go over the project and its objectives for a moment. Loacker turned to Zooppa with an enticing request: to resonate and/or recreate the famous jingle “Loacker, Che Bontà!”, with the aim of giving it new life and rejuvenating it. 

The project was divided into two categories:

  • Karaoke: by downloading the music base provided by Loacker, creatives were free to sing their personal versions of the text, on the classic notes of the jingle.
  • Composition: the request was to breathe new life into the jingle using the given score, playing around with its melody and instruments.

In both cases, creatives were asked to create a music video showing their performances.

Although “composition” was the most popular choice, in both categories you amazed us with very original videos and music productions. Loacker, by the way, was so happy with the videos that they shared some of them on their social channels. They enjoyed every single performance as lyrics and musical interpretations were of an excellent standard. So, congratulations again, you always knock our socks off!

Considering how much Loacker and we enjoyed watching them, we are sure you will have a lot of fun too 😉



  • “Sharing is good” by andrea-conti
  • “It sounds Loacker! – Reggae Version (2)” by well_organized_troupe
  • “LOACKER CHAP HOP” by willyk

Early Entry Award

We thank you for your participation and for the enthusiasm you put into the project –  we cannot wait to see you again for the next creative challenge!

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