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New Open Project with Spin Master featuring Bakugan!

We challenge you to produce a 1-5 minute video that showcases the best #BakuganChallenge can you pull off!

Bakugan is brought to you bySpin Master, a global toy company that has been designing, developing, and manufacturing the world’s coolest toys since 1994. You can thank them for gems like Paw Patrol and Hatchimals, Kinetic Sand, Meccano, Etch A Sketch, Hedbanz, Perplexus and so many more!

Spin Master is giving Zooppa members access to a treasure chest of fun and exciting toys from their Bakugan line!

Your mission is to produce a 1-5 minute video that showcases the best #BakuganChallenge can you pull off. Bakugan isn’t just about head-to-head battling gameplay; it’s about showing off unique and unorthodox ways to accomplish something amazing with your Bakugan. Your goal is to create a fun challenge using Bakugan products and invite YouTube viewers to replicate it – or one up it! Think of this as Dude Perfect meets Bakugan.

In order to participate in this project you MUST pledge. Only members who pledge will receive the product for use in their videos. Only 35 pledging spots are available!

Hardcore fans and older boys have embraced the head-to-head battling and the complexity of the new card game; but boys 5-7 seem to be more fascinated by simply making their Bakugan balls instantly transform.

The challenge has been taken out of the battle arena and into the real world as boys compete by designing unique challenges to pull off with their Bakugan. It’s kind of like playing H.O.R.S.E.: I just pulled this off, can you? Think of this as our version of the Ice Bucket Challenge: something that kids will see and be compelled to accomplish.

Your goal is to come up with awesome challenges that boys will want to replicate – or even be inspired to come up with and post their own.


These videos shouldn’t be viewed as commercials, these are YouTube friendly challenge videos showing off all the fun things you can do with Bakugan!

Challenge videos are huge! You’ve probably seen the water bottle flip challenge. Twin telepathy challenge. Try not to laugh challenge. Trick shots. Etc. Here’s an example of some of our favorites:

Ideally, we want you to come up with a fun challenge that has the potential to reach kids and inspire them to pick up Bakugan and try it themselves. Big plus if the type of challenge can make a sensational YouTube video title!

Get going because there’s $18,000 up for grabs! 

  • First Place: $6,000
  • Second Place: $3,500
  • Third Place: $2,800 …and more!

In order to view the full project page  and submit a video sign up to be a Zooppa Member (it’s free and easy and we only reach out when there are cool projects)!

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