Ritual Music Partnership!

We are so proud to announce our new partnership with Ritual Music!

RITUAL MUSIC’S mission: to put the best music at the fingertips of content creators everywhere!

Ritual Music is a team of songwriters and producers with credits spanning a variety of Pop, Urban and Alternative hit records from artists like Sia, Kanye West, Lorde, Walk The Moon, Kesha and countless more. They believe elevated, short form content can define their collective experience of the internet and they want to work with the best content creators around to realize this mission. Enter Zooppa!


As a Zooppa Community Member you immediately get access to 33% off all of their products. Everything is cleared for YouTube monetization. If you make content infrequently we offer single licenses for songs, or, you can take advantage of their brand new subscription service. If you are looking for something specific that needs to be designed by you as a collaboration with one of their incredible producers, you can use your Zooppa discount for custom music, too.

Let’s talk about it.

Ritual Music has built a platform that is truly designed to be used daily as an extension of your content creation toolkit. Consider Ritual your very own, self updating library of musical moods, themes and vibes to complement your work. With a subscription you can grab anything you want and pop it in your video.

Editing something that needs a longer build? Grab the stems they provide and shape the arc perfectly. Making a bunch of 15, 30 and 60 second videos? Grab their pre-cut versions of your favorite tracks to save yourself the editing time. Want to try a few different tracks to find the perfect one? Grab them all, because the subscription is all you can eat. Their platform is your personal library.

You can organize your dashboard with playlists unique to the projects you are working on and send them directly to clients for feedback, keeping all of your creativity centralized.

Lastly, they are here to help! Although they can’t be in the studio down the hall (unless you are in LA, in that case, they’d love you to swing by!) they want you to feel like they are. Having trouble finding the perfect vibe? Hit them up. Ritual Music is here to help. Looking for something that doesn’t exist yet? Let them know and they’ll prioritize it. Ritual Music is an extension of your creativity, and they can’t wait to get started!

If you have any questions, you can contact Ritual Music at info@ritualmusic.com!

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