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New Open Project with Savencia “Cheese – just the way You love it!”

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A grate chance to brie creative.

We all love cheese! Hard cheese, soft cheese, smelly cheese; cheese by itself, cheese on crackers, cheese so gooey and melty it stretches for inches. There is pretty much nothing better than cheese, especially good cheese, and some of the best cheese in the world comes from SAVENCIA.

SAVENCIA started out in France in 1956 with “Caprice des Dieux” (whim of the gods), a soft cheese that revolutionized the market. Today, SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy, is No. 1 in the world for cheese specialities and dairy products, thanks to its successful brands like Géramont, Fol Epi, Saint Albray, Saint Agur, Giovanni Ferrari, Bresso and many more.

To illustrate their love of cheese, SAVENCIA developed a platform specifically designed for their community. On the platform, they share favorite recipes, true insights, knowledge about cheese, and give inspiration for cheese lovers. In order to get even more real with their community about their passion and love for cheese, they are asking YOU to show off your unique and genuine love for cheese.

Your mission? Produce an inspirational, viral, unique, genuine, and even crazy :30 second video that creates awareness and shows authentic love for cheese. The more genuine, relatable and/or crazy the better! This project is not about showing the specific brand “Ich liebe Käse” or their cheese, but more about the story and the feeling cheese itself produces. The branding of Ich liebe Käse is secondary to the story and should not be your primary concern.

If you are using VO/dialogue/music, all spoken language must be German. If you are not equipped to use German, please refrain from using any language (in both music and speech). Basically, if you know German, rock on! If you don’t, flex those silent film muscles 😉

If you are located in or around Germany, please try and use SAVENCIA products. If you are located elsewhere in the world, SAVENCIA products will not be available, so please use generic cheese types with no branding. A list of SAVENCIA products can be found HERE.

Make a video, earn some cheddar!

  • First Place: $6,690
  • Second Place: $3,900
  • Third Place: $3,350 …and more!

This is nacho average project, for all the dirty details, head to the project page to learn more!

In queso questions, please email Also, if you send us your concept for review by June 25th and we’ll respond with some direct feedback!

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