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Project opportunity with Pampers!

Hey Zooppers, we’ve been alerted to a really cool new CONCEPT project from our friends over at Talenthouse! If you think babies are cute, you’re definitely gonna love this project with Pampers.

I know, I know…This isn’t a Zooppa sponsored project, but we’re always looking to try and get you, our community, more opportunities regardless of who’s hosting the project! Talenthouse offers wonderful opportunities to creatives and we’re buds, so happy to share on their behalf 😉

So what’s the deal?

Every mother wants the best for their baby. Pampers Premium Care is the number one diaper choice for pediatricians and a trusted brand for mothers all across the globe. Pampers Premium Care is for mothers who want to provide their baby with the best comfort and skin protection for a happy, healthy development journey.

To help mothers throughout Saudi Arabia choose Premium Care, Pampers is calling on you! Creative thinkers from around the world are invited to conceptualize a new, fresh, and unique concept, which will be used to guide a team of video makers to create impactful content for Pampers Saudi Arabia.

Each concept submission should include 1 storyline, detailing your overall idea that links the product features together, and 5 feature guides of how you intend to dramatize each of the 5 core features of Pampers Premium Care.

The Pampers marketing team will select 3 concepts. Selected Creators will receive $2,000 for each concept selected. The selected concept will be part of the new campaign for Pampers Premium Care, inspiring Pampers video makers to create 20-second videos for each of the 5 product features. The final videos will be shared across Pampers Saudi Arabia social channels.

Ok, so how do you submit your great idea? Head to the Talenthouse project page and read the full brief. Tell ‘em Zooppa sent you :

For the submission, you’ll need:

  • 50-100 word summary of your story concept, addressing the people, place, thing, and the title of your idea.
  • 50-100 word outline and supporting image for each of the five (5) feature guides (instant absorption & leakage protection, inner softness, stretchy & comfortable, gentle non-chemical perfume, protects baby’s belly). Thats 250-500 words and 5 images in total.

The deadline to submit is July 7, 2019 at 12:00 PM PST, so there is no time to waste! Get to thinking about those cute little babies in their diapers, and submit your concept ASAP!

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