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Savencia ‘Cheese—the way You love it!’ Winners

Take a peek at who the top ten submissions to Savencia's Open Project ’Cheese—the way You love it!’ are.

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We know it’s been a long wait, but you know… Some cheeses get better with age and our winners are not an exception!

Savencia tapped Zooppa’s creative community to create :30 second videos illustrating our genuine, authentic love for cheese. (And there is no shortage of it!)

Videos were judged according to the following criteria:

20% Adherence to brief, guidelines, and do’s-and-don’ts
30% Storytelling
30% Originality
20% Production Quality

With over 120 submissions by 56 different participants, it’s safe to say it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just ten. We’ve been dying to share our legen-dairy winning submissions with the community and give them the round of applause they deserve.

Take a peek at who the top ten submissions to Savencia’s Open Project ’Cheese—the way You love it!’ are below!

10th Place: Samuel Wolfe‘s “The Artist”

9th Place: SiLee Films‘ “Ich liebe Käse!”

8th Place: Kimberley Anne Roden‘s ” Camembert and Cheese Board”

7th Place: Lorenzo Colombo’s “Willkommen im Käseland”

6th Place Amir Mosallaie‘s “Thats How We Say Cheese”

5th Place: Nora Novak‘s “Masterpiece”

4th Place: Alexander Flatau‘s “Gelbes Gold”

3rd Place: Angelica Germanà Bozza‘s “Wir Lieben.”

2nd Place: Simon Rivera‘s ‘Oh The Possibilities’

1st Place: LUMA video‘s ‘Cheese Dance’

We were so thrilled to watch all your dramatic, sharp (witty), melted (heartwarming), and CHEESY submissions as they came in and can’t wait to see them shared with the world and Savencia’s own community!  

View all the full length versions of every submission on the Open Project page and leave a comment on your favorite ones to show some love. (Please remember to be nice!)

And lastly, stick around for more Open Project opportunities in the future—we can’t wait to see what we will all create together!

Stay Cheesy!
Zooppa Community Team

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