Zooppa Staff’s 2019 Gift Guide for Creatives

The Zooppa US Staff has huddled together to create a gift guide for our Zooppers!

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The season of giving is upon us! The Zooppa US Staff has huddled together to create a gift guide for creatives—because we know you’re busy out there making awesome content, of course. ????

From things we use that are tried and true to those shiny little gems we have our eyes on… Here’s what’s on our wishlist this season.

Dylan’s Picks


Instagram advertising works. I was targeted by an ad for the brand Bellroy about a month ago and since then I have purchased a phone case, a sling bag, and this wallet. 

Gift Guide: Bellroy Field Notes Wallet
Bellroy Field Notes Notebook Cover Mini for $85

I know most of you are like me and are constantly taking notes, jotting down ideas and sketching plans. This Field Notes Wallet has changed the way I stay organized. I am always writing; in meetings, on the train, on set—it’s easier than taking out my phone and typing up notes. I swear I am not being paid to say this but I love this product.

Bellroy will have some Black Friday deals and exclusives, but for my money (literally, my money); I would highly recommend the Field Notes Notebook Cover Mini.


Adobe Lightroom Laptop

There’s nothing better than a good Adobe deal. Well… That’s not completely true—sharing a friend’s login is better. But this Creative Cloud subscription is a close second! 

They are offering new monthly plans for under $30/month. After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro (if you’re into that sort of thing). Get on it. You’ll use it everyday. It’ll certainly come in helpful for those of your participating in our Open Photo Project: The Quaker Steak & Lube Experience.

Ada’s Picks


Gift Guide: Impossible I-1 Instant Film Camera
On sale at BH Photo for $38.71!

I’m a film fanatic! Nothing beats the luster of a good analog photo. In recent years, film has been seeing a revival in the world of photography. And as cliche as it is, no one can resist a fun polaroid.

Grab a pack of film and bring this bad boy to your next holiday party for easy but sentimental souvenirs. 

(Pro Tip: No matter what OutKast says, please do NOT shake your polaroid while it’s developing. Lay it photographic side down on a clean flat surface as it develops to avoid dust and fingerprints on your precious memories. Then go ahead and shake it as much as you want, I guess.)


Gift Guide: ONA Bags Black Friday Deals

I almost always have a camera on me (you never know when or where the perfect shot will find you) and often times, that either means throwing it into my bag which leads to my cameras getting dinged up or lugging around a camera bag.

But let’s face it… Most camera bags are—for lack of a better word—ugly. That’s why I’ve been obsessing over ONA and their entire line of camera bags. They’re trendy (as the kids say these days) AF and they’re also extremely practical for day-to-day camera wielders. 

Photo by Joe Greer and Maddie Greer for ONA
Photo by Joe Greer and Maddie Greer for Ona

I’ve got my eyes are on the Bond Street bag for my trusty point and shoot film camera, the Bowery bag for days when I’m lugging my DSLR around, or the Brixton for workdays with my laptop by my side.

Yes, they’re on the pricier end. But in my opinion, worth every fashionable and practical dollar.

Colin’s Picks

External Hard Drives

You can never have enough memory/storage in your creative toolbox. In just this year alone I’ve used over 6 TB worth of space on raw photos, film scans, and storing BlackMagic video files. My go-to drives are the ultra-portable Samsung Portable SSD T5.

Gift Guide: Samsung Portable SSD T5
Samsung Portable SSD T5 available for $23.33–$139.99

And for those of you who need to hear this: PLEASE back up your precious files in more than one place!

What’s in your gift guide?

Have something you want to add? Are you so excited about it you can’t contain yourself? Let us know what’s on your wishlist in the comments below!

Until Next Time!
Zooppa US Team

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