Zooppa Team’s 2019 Community Highlights

A round of applause for the Zooppa Community!

Welcome to the 2019 Community Highlights, brought to you by the Zooppa Staff.

Over the course of 2019, the Zoooppa US Team has awarded $906,575 to creatives all over the globe in Open Project Awards, Grants, and Private Project payments. (That’s not even counting what our Italian team has done and the products we’ve sent out in pledges!) That’s a heck of a lot of money. 

To celebrate, we’re highlighting staff favorites of the year. From Private Project productions and Open Project Winners/Honorable Mentions and beyond (in no particular order!).

The BISSELL BARKBATH Dual Use IndieGoGo Campaign

We launched a private project with VIP Zoopper Meghan Frederico to create the BISSELL BARKBATH Dual Use IndieGoGo Campaign video. The campaign closed in November having reached over 200% of their goal. Heck yeah.

Speaking of private projects, we also made these really cool commercials for…

Lexus Accelerators

With VIP Zooppers Michael Medoway, Levi Arnold, and Jake Stark! Our filmmakers found influencers to participate in their videos which highlighted the All-New ES F Sport. The outcome was, what the kids nowadays call, ‘fire.’ Below, we’ve linked Michael’s ‘fireLexus video.

National Basketball Players Association, Media Day 2019

At the end of October, the Zooppa US Team grinded tirelessly through weeks of preparation for the NBA’s Annual Media Day. We tapped 25 different creative teams across the country to shoot All. Thirty. Teams. In just a few days.

One of our favorite videos created out of the countless hours of footage highlights the Game Day Tracks the players listen to get themselves pumped up. Keep your eyes peeled for content coming from the NBPA Instagram channel that is the hard work of some of your fellow Zooppers!

NBPA ‘Game Day Tracks’

Gerald Charles: Relaunch & 10 Year Anniversary

Did you know? We don’t just do video and open projects. We also literally relaunch brands and help them celebrate their milestones. Take our client, Gerald Charles, for example. Check out their website. Look at this awesome video we made for them (below). And follow their newly ‘glowed up’ instagram channel for more updates! Yeah. We can do all of that.

Gerald Charles: Maestro Anniversary


Ferrarelle Instagram Account Screenshot, Community Highlights

We were also blown away by the results of our private project with Ferrarelle, lead by our Italian team. We recruited four photographers from all over the world to shoot their line of products. See our work slowly come live on the Ferrarelle instagram channel!

Ferrarelle Instagram Account Screenshot, Community Highlights

Open Project: H&R Block

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget about our Open Projects! H&R Block was one of our all time favorites. In fact, two of our staff curated highlights this year came from that project, even though they weren’t finalists of the Open Project. Check them out below. Give ’em some love.

Time Travel by Nathan Cronk of Big River Film Co.
The Visit by Michael Eggert of Strawtown Films

Open Project: Savencia

We love it when you guys take a brief and run with it. For Savencia’s Open Project, ‘Cheese—the way You love it!’ we’re featuring VIP Zoopper Samuel Wolfe. His submission, ‘The Artist’ took 10th place in the entire project AND took our breath away.

The Artist by Samuel Wolfe

Open Project: CONTROL

Our Italian-lead Open Project for Control also made it to the top of our list this year. We asked YOU to create a GIF from scratch to show us how you #LoveAsYouAre and in the process you guys made us fall in love with your work.

At the wrap of 2019, we want to have a round of applause for You—our brilliant, talented, passionate community of creatives. Because really, what would we be without you?

Needless to say, you guys really crushed it this year. We’re so proud of you. We’ll see you back here soon—here’s to 2020.

Zooppa Community Team

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