The BOLD Awards of 2020: Open Call

Celebrating innovation and great ideas in Crowdsourcing.

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With the support of Zooppa, H-Farm and Crowdsourcing Week join forces to bring you one of the most anticipated events in crowdsourcing: the BOLD Awards!

The BOLD Awards serves an important purpose—to acknowledge the best brands, ideas, and leaders. We are celebrating people who are contributing innovative ideas and initiatives to the world of crowdsourcing. 

How Do I Get Involved in the BOLD Awards?

The BOLD Awards want you to share your ideas and projects with the world. They are calling out for YOU to share ideas that fall into their 12 different categories.

BOLD Awards categories: Boldest Crowdsourcing, Boldest Open Innovation, Boldest Advertising, Boldest Science, Boldest Marketplaces, Boldest Space Frontier
BOLD Awards categories: Boldest Travel Blogger/Influencer, Boldest Robotics, Boldest AI, Boldest FinTech, Boldest Augmented & Virtual Reality, Boldest AgroTech

The call to register your project ends December 31st. Afterwards, the jury will review all materials before making a decision. Lastly, The award ceremony will take place at H-Farm on March 27th, 2020.

What is the Selection Criteria?

Projects are evaluated according to the following criteria. Level of Impact 40%, Scalability 30%, Transparency 20%, H-factor 10% (Human & Social Impact).

Level of Impact: Acknowledges BOLD thinking and valuable contributions to the business and the ecosystem in which it operates.

Scalability: There should be global potential, the capacity for different applications, or development opportunities for the business/project concept. 

Transparency: Operates in authentic and open way to encourage trust and engagement.

H-Factor: Be Human. Put people at the heart of your product/services. They’re the heart of your company too.

Finalists are determined by public vote. Afterwards, jury members with category-specific expertise will evaluate the shortlisted entries and five nominees from each category will selected. Both the public and judge vote carry equal weight.

Like past years, Zooppa is participating as a supporter and partner. We believe in the value of ideas and the need to make space for innovation. We believe in giving opportunities for innovative work to make a substantial contribution to the crowd. Zooppa was born out of this belief and it has shaped how we have developed over the years.

Submitted your idea and was selected for the shortlist? We’ll see you at the ceremony! It’s not just a gala and dinner. It’s a great opportunity for networking and building connections. 

Finally, we look forward to discovering the best of the best this year!

Need a little inspiration? Check out last year’s winners and our experience at the BOLD Awards on the Zooppa Blog.

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